Yaron Cohen (1985, Nijmegen) studied directing documentary at the University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands. After his studies, he has directed and produced documentaries, which were selected for several international film festivals and broadcasted on Dutch television (VPRO, Human, 2DOC). Often his documentaries tell intimate, observing, stories about people, their personal struggles and their resilience, which show the human side of macro-social and political developments. Since 2019 Yaron and his good friend Jefta Varwijk started Edge of Cinema - an initiative to promote feature films, documentaries, short films and art installations that explore and exceed the boundaries between storytelling and art. Besides making documentaries, Yaron's love for storytelling outs itself also in other visual languages such as [analog] photography. Currently, he is developing  his first feature documentary in collaboration with IDFAcademy and BALDR Film.

 Memories of Things to Come / directing / pre-producton prod. BALDR film /  IDFAcademy 2019.
 Alles in de wind / directing / in production prod. Vossenfilms / funded by Dutch Film Fund.
 Until the Quiet Comes / directing  / completion 2015 prod. Vossenfilms.
 Zag je het maar / producer / completion 2016 / broadcasted HUMAN/2DOC.
 Bach aan bed / directing / completion 2011.

Tous Courts Film Festival France / DokumentArt Germany / Prix Europe Germany
Huesca Film Festival Spain / Neu Now Art Festival the Netherlands / Docudays Ukraine
Dutch Film Festival the Netherland / Kinoproba Film Festival Russia / Adaptation Festival Ukraine
Go Short  Film Festival the Netherlands / Vers Awards the Netherlands.
Festival distribution by Some Shorts

Commissioning partners.
International Fund for Animal Welfare, st.Antonius hospital Utrecht, Dutch Council for Refugees Utrecht, Blijf Groep Amsterdam, FrieslandCampina, HUMAN, VPRO, NPOdoc, Brandstof Amsterdam, Hospice Bethlehem Nijmegen, Kalorama Nijmegen, FNV Bondgenoten, ActionAid, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, municipality of Amsterdam.


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